The information technology (IT) sector has a huge climate impact. Currently, between
3 to 4 percent of all electricity (and the associated carbon emissions) used in the
world goes to running data centers.

Here at MomCart, we don't add to the problem, we reduce it!

The energy to power and cool all of the servers that MomCart hosts websites on is offset
by the purchase of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) from 3degrees. (REC's are tradeable
credits representing all the environmental benefits of 1 megawatt hour of renewable energy.)
Using REC's is basically paying a windfarm to generate renewable energy on behalf of the
servers. The windfarm then generates 1 megawatt of wind power and puts it into the power
grid. When the servers draw power from the power grid, they use the wind power that the
windfarm created.

Click here to see this explained in an image.

If you are ready to minimize your website's impact on the environment, sign up
for your website hosting with MomCart or transfer to us!

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