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1) This is my first website, can you clarify the various terms used on
Your first website can be confusing, but MomCart is here to help you learn everything you need,...
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2) Is the MomCart system hard to learn?
No! The whole MomCart system is made for the beginner, yet powerful enough to accommodate...
Views: 951
3) Do I have to purchase a domain through MomCart to have my website hosted through you?
No. If you already have a domain name you do not have to transfer it to here. Simply log in at...
Views: 1005
4) I am not satisfied with my current host. How much is it to transfer to MomCart?
There is never an additional charge to transfer to MomCart. We also give you a temporary website...
Views: 989
5) I do not sell products, can I still use MomCart?
Absolutely! The shopping cart part of MomCart is optional. You can still use our sitebuilder as...
Views: 1077
6) Do you add my products and pages?
No, our system is easy to use and you will be responsible for adding your pages and products....
Views: 3376
7) Do I need to purchase an SSL certificate for my website?
No. Since the MomCart system works hand-in-hand with the Mals-E cart, all areas that clients...
Views: 967
8) What payment methods do you accept?
MomCart currently accepts payments through Google Checkout, Paypal, and mail in payments.
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9) If I change my mind, how do I cancel my account?
Cancelling an account with MomCart is easy. Simply open a support ticket from your store...
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10) My question wasn't answered here.
If your question was not answered here, do not hesitate to contact us by following this link:...
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