MomCart Approved Designer Program
Designing a website template for MomCart is different than designing for other website hosts. At
MomCart, we use codes rather than HTML programming in templates. This is important because the
codes tell the template where to put new pages when you add them from your store administration
area. This eliminates the need (and the expense) for the website owner to keep contacting their web
designer each time they want to add a new category, product, or page to their website.

MomCart started a program that offers web designers the opportunity to become approved by us.
Designers submit a sample template using the MomCart codes and we test it out. If their design
works in our system, we give them a banner to place on their website.

When shopping for a web designer, look for the MomCart Approved Designer banner:

Approved Designer Banner

Become an Approved Designer
If you create website templates, it is free to become a MomCart approved designer. 1) Create a
website template using our cart codes 2) Email the template HTML code to
3) We will test the template on our system 4) If approved, display the MomCart Approved Designer
banner on your website so that our hosting clients will know that you can create templates
for their use.

A complete list of cart codes can be found here.

MomCart securely accepts:


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