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1) What is cpanel and how do I access it?
Cpanel is the control panel for your website. You can access your cpanel by going to...
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2) Mail
To configure your email, click the Mail icon within cpanel. Here, you can setup new accounts,...
Views: 647
3) Webmail
To check your email, click the WebMail icon within cpanel. You will be able to read your emails...
Views: 632
4) Parked domains and add on domains.**
Parked domains and add on domains are advanced user features. MomCart allows you to park one...
Views: 659
5) FTP Manager**
The FTP Manager allows you to set up additional FTP accounts.  This is helpful, for example,...
Views: 637
6) File Manager
The file manager lists all of the files currently on your website.
Views: 633
7) Disk Space Usage
Shows the amount of disk space used for your website. (The MomCart packages allow for the...
Views: 675
9) Backups
This utility allows you to backup your entire website. Backing up your website is helpful if you...
Views: 673
10) Password protect directories**
This allows you to require website visitors to use a password before viewing a page. *Please...
Views: 735
11) Error Pages
This allows you to create custom error pages for all of the different error pages that can occur...
Views: 756
12) Subdomains**
MomCart allows you to have two submains for each domain that you have hosted at MomCart.
Views: 701
13) Redirects
This allows you to redirect your site to a different URL. By default, MomCart sets up your...
Views: 710
14) Web/FTP Stats
This allows you to access various website statistic programs. This is helpful to analyze traffic...
Views: 737
15) Error Log
This allows you to view the errors that various website visitors have encountered while on your...
Views: 744
16) Hotlink protection
This is a useful tool to prevent dishonest webmasters from stealing from your website. Hotlinking...
Views: 736
17) IP deny manager**
This is helpful if you have a problematic website visitor. You can block their IP address and...
Views: 667
18) SSL Manager**
The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Manager allows you to generate ssl certificates, signing requests,...
Views: 675
19) Fantastico De Luxe
Fantastico De Luxe is an installer for popular website scripts. From Fantastico, you can quickly...
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