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1) New clients start here.

Step 1) Log in to your store at Your username and password are listed in the welcome email you received from MomCart.

Step 2) Change the password to something that you can easily remember. To do this, click the link at the top of the page.

**If you purchased a website template from MomCart or a web designer, skip to step 6, if not, continue.

Step 3) Customize your store. From your store admin, select "Fonts & Colors" from the right hand side.

Step 4) In the left hand column, the fourth option down is "Body Bkgd." Changing the six digit code will change the background color of your website. You can choose "Select" for a limited amount of colors, or visit for a full list. If you select a color from another website, simply enter the value (hex code) in the space provided. Continue changing colors as desired.

Step 5) Your website header is currently set to display the name of your website. If you would like to upload an image instead, follow these steps:

a) From your store admin, select "Images." Then select "Catalog Images" and "Update." In the logo space, upload your store logo.

Step 6) If you plan to accept Paypal payments on your website, YOU MUST complete the following step:

a) Log in to your Paypal account.
b) Click the "Profile" subtab.
c) Click the "Website Payment Preferences" link in the "Selling Preferences" column on the right.
d) Click the "Auto Return On" button to turn on auto return.
e) In the "Return URL", enter the following:
f) Save your settings.

Step 7) Now, it is time to set up your shopping cart for the first time.

a) From the left hand side of your store admin, select "Mals E Cart." Log in using the information in the welcome email from MomCart.
b) Update your email address. To further configure your cart, please move to that section of the knowledgebase. Link: Mals E Setup

After your cart is setup, you can begin adding categories and products, please remember that if you need additional help, click the question mark in the top right hand of any page for more information.

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